Why Hire Me?

Hi! I’m Dyanne – Freelance Copywriter and owner of Letter Ahead.

illinois freelance copywriterSo, why hire me?

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my role here at Letter Ahead. Then you can decide for yourself.

I’m not going to tell you that I was born to be a copywriter. I wasn’t. I’m a singer-songwriter at heart. Not that it matters, except that perhaps during one of our conversations we can drool together over a Jason Isbell or Holly Williams tune. Your call.

I learned the skills to write copy as an Online Operations Manager. Yes, I was a boss lady at one point in time. So, managing my own time is a breeze should you be wary of a certain freelancer’s time management skills.

In the field of Online Operations, my job was to manage several e-Commerce sites. By manage, I mean that I:

  • Listed all new products
  • Created product descriptions
  • Launched marketing campaigns
  • Designed graphics and created copy for said campaigns
  • Strategized business goals with the C-suite
  • Negotiated proposals with ad vendors.
  • Authored newsletters and company memos
  • Optimized the business site with SEO
  • Monitored an in-house coding system

And drank lots of coffee. This was my job for nearly a decade.

Thankfully, my B.S. is in Organizational Leadership, so motivating myself or others never seemed to be a hold-up.

I launched my freelance copywriting business 2+ years ago so that I could be a work-at-home-mom. My motivation comes in the form of a little girl named Olivia.

Personally, I believe that parenting my daughter is where I acquired my “get to the point” attitude. Reaching business goals is a lot like successful parenting. It’s a lot like songwriting, too.

You identify your goal. You figure out a way to accomplish it. And then you make it happen.

No fluff. Every word has a purpose. An aim.

illinois freelance copywriter

It really doesn’t matter if it’s getting your kid to eat kale, making an indirect rhyme work in a chorus, or attracting 1.5 million new visitors to your site. What it boils down to is your aim. And the fact that people who succeed don’t take their eyes off of it.

Children and lyrics both serve as great examples of knowing precisely what you want and knowing exactly how to aim for it.

And the process is a two-fold passion for me. Not only do I get to enjoy working out my strategy-creating muscles, but I also get to celebrate the accomplishment of your business goals. It’s a win/win.

As a copywriter, my specialities are mental health, entrepreneurship, and pregnancy/parenting. I tackle many other topics, as well. Basically, if it can be researched, I can write about it.

Check out my portfolio in the menu above or click here: PORTFOLIO

To summarize, I’m a songwriting mom passionate about sharing a journey with you – the journey to strategically accomplish your goals.

I’d love to talk with you about your goals. Send me an email to dyanne@letterahead.com. I’ll get back to you ASAP.