la_logo1Creating copy that counts, Letter Ahead is a content marketing service based in Central Illinois.

Identifying what you want to create in your business isn’t usually the hard part.

After all, you likely have an idea already stirring in the back of your mind. The tough part is strategizing a game plan and then making it happen.

  • Maybe you have an upcoming event or product launch and you want to reach a specific audience.
  • It could be that your employees are suffering from low productivity and you need a way to foster a better work environment.
  • Perhaps your business isn’t even ranking on the first page of a Google search and you want to rank better.
  • You might have a solid customer base but need a way to retain them and you also want an avenue for upselling to that customer base.

The problem is that either you’re not sure where to start or you simply don’t have the time.

That’s where my services come into play.

When you work with me, I can identify your needs, formulate a game plan, and then make your goals come to life.

Letter Ahead provides a package deal.

Whether it’s reviving website copy, updating your blog, writing engaging newsletters, or optimizing your business with SEO, the arrow will hit the bullseye.

Let’s connect to talk about what you want most for your business. Send me an email to